What is Aluminum Extrusion

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What is Aluminum Extrusion

  • 2023-02-21 20:54:42
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Aluminum extrusion, which is a name given to the state of shaping aluminum, helps to create aluminum profiles in different shapes. This service, which is provided by the use of cooling air and water, includes several important stages.

Extrusion begins with heating the aluminum. Then, the shaping phase of the aluminum, which is forced to flow through a hole, begins. A large number of aluminum extrusion profiles are produced with the given shapes. This service continues for the size of the mold. It is possible to provide production in desired shapes.

Aluminum Extrusion

It should be underlined that there are some stages that need to be provided in order to provide this service. The inclusion of aluminum profiles as raw material is also called billet. In order for the process to be carried out correctly, the steps must be followed correctly.

- Aluminum is first heated to 350-500 degrees. The amount of degree varies depending on the mold.
- The lubricating material is transferred as a thin film on the raw material that reaches the desired degree.
- Since high heat may cause the mold and material to stick together, work is provided to prevent this. Then the raw material is transferred to the conveyor.
- While the raw material billets are in full contact with the carrier materials, the crushing process is carried out by the opposite mold. The aluminum is then pushed through the die. Liquid nitrogen flowed around the mold to cool it. There is no need to use liquid nitrogen, nitrogen gas is also suitable.
- As a result of the given pressure, the aluminum raw material is squeezed well and removed in the cavity of the mold. At this point, the temperature is measured instantaneously and this value is noted.
- The cooling process is started with the use of a series of fans and this process continues until the desired temperature is decreased.
- The oxidized part of the raw material is discarded and the process continues.
- When the desired length is achieved, the aluminum extrusion profile is cut with the help of a saw. Then the transfer process is carried out on the metal cooling table.
- The cooling process continues in this section. After this process is completed, the aluminum hardening and alignment process is started and completed.
- Then, certain lengths are cut with the saw. Saw cutting tolerance is maximum 0.8 cm.

Where are Aluminum Profiles Used?

There are many areas where aluminum profiles can be used. These structures, which are not well known but are a part of daily life, are widely produced. It is worth mentioning that the most common areas of use are the construction and automotive sectors. Because these profiles are known to be extremely durable and effective.
The most common areas where aluminum profiles are used;

- It is known that it is used very often in floor coverings.
- It is also heavily preferred for filling the ground voids.
- It acts as a kind of insulation material used to prevent the passage of air and water in glass balcony systems.
- It is a material that can be used in the production of home and industrial blinds.
- It is used in the skeleton structures of the entrances of the houses and in the stairs.
- It is also preferred in the construction of stairs and balcony railings.
- It is a material placed on the pool side railings.
- The building materials commonly used in steel door frames are aluminum profiles.
If the aluminum profiles are supplied from the right address, they have a structure that provides great benefits and makes the relevant area more robust. That's why it's very valuable.